ASB Dividend and Bonus for the last 15 years

For most Bumiputeras, their ASB investment might be the largest or the only investment vehicle they have. Therefore, each year, all of us wait impatiently for the ASB to finish calculating the dividends and bonus and announce their payout in the news. Payouts are usually on the first week of January, unless otherwise announced by PNB. I figured this post would be helpful for those trying to gauge the performance of our Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) for the last 15 years:

  • 1993: Dividend=9.00, Bonus=4.50*
  • 1994: Dividend=9.00, Bonus=4.50*
  • 1995: Dividend=10.0, Bonus=3.00*
  • 1996: Dividend=10.25, Bonus=3.00*
  • 1997: Dividend=10.25, Bonus=1.25*
  • 1998: Dividend=8.00, Bonus=2.50*
  • 1999: Dividend=10.5, Bonus=1.50*
  • 2000: Dividend=9.75, Bonus=2.00*
  • 2001: Dividend=7.00, Bonus=3.00*
  • 2002: Dividend=7.00, Bonus=2.00**
  • 2003: Dividend=7.25, Bonus=2.00**
  • 2004: Dividend=7.25, Bonus=2.00**
  • 2005: Dividend=7.25, Bonus=1.75**
  • 2006: Dividend=7.30, Bonus=1.25**
  • 2007: Dividend=8.00, Bonus=1.00**

Source: PNB Prospectus** & the Internet*

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14 Responses

  1. Hi Fara,
    Thanks for posting the ASB Dividend and Bonus for the last 15 years here. It’s great help for me to convince myself to really consider taking up the offer I have received from Maybank, I have posted my scenario to other ASB bloggers. Here’s what my case:

    Just got an offer letter from Maybank for my ASB loan application of RM205,422 including insurance premium of Rm5,422.00. The monthly repayment amount is RM3,948/month for 5yrs. Meaning; after I complete the repayment in 5 years time, I would have paid a total of RM236,880.00 (total bank interest = RM36,880 – insurance prem Rm5,422 = 31,458 nett).

    My point is, if I calculate ASB average dividen rate per annum is going to be minimum 7%, I would gain a gross dividen income of RM70,000 after 5yrs. Minus what interest amount I have paid to Maybank at RM31,458.00nett. My total nett gain will be = RM38,542.00 including insurance premium. And that’s not including ASB Bonus!? Or if ASB declare dividen rate more than the average 7%?? I am just being very conservative by accepting ASB’s very minimum dividend rate of 7%+ but more would be a good blessing for me!

    Please comment if my understanding and method of calculation of making profit and applying force saving is correct? I know the repayment amount is a killer, but I would love to attempt my goal in saving RM200,000 + interest in the next 5 years!!!

    Also, is 1.5% interest for the first 2 years and 1% the reamaining 3 years is a good deal? The BLR rate now is 6.75 – It sounds like its on the higher side maybe because my loan tenure is only for a short period of 5 years?

    Appreciate any comment please. I need to response to the bank within 14 days whether I can accept their terms and conditions.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Meo,

    I don’t have the full details but from what I can see from a quick glance is, if you would have self-saved RM 3948/mo for 5 years, you would have ended up with RM282777 at 7% ASB dividend rate. If you’re saying that you’ll make more than the RM200K+dividend-bankinterest based on the ASB loan, I’ll say, go for it. But from your calculations, it is as though you’ll be getting RM200K+70K(dividend)-31458), which is much less than the self-saved amount. Is that right?

  3. Hi Fara,

    Thank you very much for your comment. However, I dont quite get your calculation of self-saving at RM3948/month for 5 years can come up to RM282,777 @ 7% ASB dividend rate per year?. My conservative calculation only arrived at RM253,461.60

    Ok, lets go along with my simple calculation if I self-save RM3948 every month: 3,948 x 12 (1yr) =RM47,376.00 x 7% ASB dividend (3316.32) = 50,692.32 x 5yrs = RM253,461.60

    Excuse me if I have missed something important in my calculation above, but I would appreciate if you could please show me how did you get the different in our figure of RM29,315.40? Because, if I can earn that amount of money by self saving instead of paying huge interest to the bank, I would definitely change my mind.

    Thank you Fara.

  4. Hi Meo,
    Dividend is calculated monthly, but distribution is done yearly.

    So from month to month, the dividend is calculated from the amount you brought forward from previous month. I have sent you the excel file on the calculation:

    From PNB site, they said the calculation is “Pengiraan pengagihan pendapatan ini adalah berdasarkan purata baki pegangan minimum bulanan bagi tempoh pelaburan sepanjang tahun kewangan”.

    However, there’s an error on my side. You will not be able to make anymore savings in your account once your account has reached RM200K. Therefore, if you self-saved RM3948 each month, you would have reached your limit on the 47th month. Which means, you won’t be able to make RM282777 in 5 years in your account as I have mentioned previously.

  5. Hi Fara,

    Many thanks for your info about the dividend being calculated by monthly basis. I now fully understood this ASB investment plan. As you mentioned, I wont be able to continue saving once I reached the maximum amount of 200K. In that case, I will consider alternative ways to complete my 5yrs saving plan by investing into other UT.

    Thank you for your kind help Fara.

  6. hi, my two cents here….
    i had personally invest in maybank ASB loan, and have bad experiences from it. MB staff dont tell us that loan are base on BLR( which is increased every year) and so at the end of the day u pay more and suck all your profit from there.also u have to calculate inflation rate and your money value 5 years from now.
    i’m now only invest in Bank rakyat fix deposit, and give me 15% last 2 years. but to theinto tha saving, u have to wait. quota always full. and the simplest investment in UT. personally fom my point is the best.

  7. Last year I invested some RM in ASB and expected it to give me 8-9.00% return. However, I was rather disappointed when I updated it. I was only paid 6.75% returns over a 1-year period. What happened to the rest? I wondered. But then, when I asked the officer in charge, she gave me a form and said “I cannot answer your query. But if you want, you can fill this form, pay 5.00 in bank draft and send this to KL” I don’t think that’s a good way to service your customers.

    The figures which you gave is very helpful. But it shows that over the past 15 years, the total Returns (Int+Dividend) seems to have gone down by 4.5%. In short, it shows that ASB’s performance is on the decline compared to returns from some of the established UTS over the same period. Dr. Kamrul is right and I am just about to park my RM in UTS.

  8. I am writing in response to dr.kamrul’s very intresting information about fixed deposit with Bank Rakyat. Did I read it correctly that you got 15% interest from them on your FD saving for the last 2 years!? Wow!!

    If that is really true, I would not hesitate to transfer my ASB saving to Bank Rakyat asap! As I am currently reading this site from overseas and wont be going back to KL for a couple of month, will dr.kamrul please reconfirm this amazing 15% interest please?
    Much appreciate your sharing this info with us here.

    Thank you & Cheers!

  9. 15%?
    i think its a “hedge fund”
    like not anyone can put cash in it
    you have to wait till someone cashes out so you can replace them.
    something like that.
    the queue is LONG
    i’ve heard people getting it after 3 years, and not much.
    maybe 10k or so.
    just what i heard.

  10. Hi Dr. Kamrul, Stephen, Meo & Titi,

    Thanks for dropping in. Regarding Bank Rakyat’s 15%, I’ve been “queueing” to park my stash there for over 2 years now, and I’ve yet to hear from them. I don’t know about you, or how you managed to park your money there, but like Titi has mentioned, the queue is LONG. If Titi is right, then I’ll only have another year to wait. 😉

    Good luck!

  11. Hi Fara, Titi and Stephen,
    Thanks for your clarification in regard to Bank Rakyat’s long queu. In that case, I dont see the point in joining that long queu. I will continue channelling certain amount to ASB every month until there is any other better alternative that comes along.

    Hi Stephen,
    You are right about the ASB interest declines the last few years! I am trying to search through the internet which is the safest and better interest to invest our hard earned money… mentioned UTS, which Unit Trust that give double figure interest…? Please share with us here if you know of any legitimate one.


  12. Hi Meo,

    I suppose Unit Trust is your best bet. There are plenty of unit trust fund companies to choose from. I personally invest in Public Mutual considering the track record and awards and past performance. Of course, they’ll say past performance doesn’t guarantee future performance, but for me, they must have done something right. My hubby’s a Unit Trust agent as well. You can shop around. My advice is to through the prospectus and check out the rating. All the best!

  13. […] 16 year’s record? Is it a good return unit trust investment for Malaysian Bumiputera? Based on Farawahida’s finding, the fund has performed well with minimum return of 8.55% (2006) and the highest return […]

  14. […] dan % penalty mesti diambilkira…. dividen & bonus ASB sepanjang 15 thn dari thn 1993 > disini BLR dari thn 1989 – 2009 > disini keseluruhannya dividen ASB masih tinggi dari BLR… p/s: […]

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